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Monday, February 6, 2017

You Can Earn Through Hootsuite

Are you skeptical about it? I too was but I have confirmed it to be true and factual, you can earn money through Hootsuite -the leading social media management platform. But how, and how much can you earn through Hootsuite, these are what I intend to make clear with this post. First let me start by answering the question how can you earn money through Hootsuite.

The simple answer is, become their affiliate marketer. Yes Hootsuite have and do run an affiliate program and for you to earn through Hootsuite, you need to become their affiliate marketer.
Now I will move on to the next question, how much can you earn?

When it comes to giving of commission, Hootsuite is very generous. If you refer someone that signup or upgrade to a monthly plan of their, then the first month's fee of the person will be given you with no deduction but if the person you refer use the annual plan instead, then Hootsuite will give you 15% of the total fees paid by your referral.
This means that you have the probability of earning at least $14.99 or $17.892 dollars per referral.

This is the minimum amount you can earn per referral, because is use the price professional plan to do the calculation, so if your referral decide to use the Team, Business, Enterprise, or the Corporate plan at their first upgrade, that means more money for you.

Click >>> HERE <<< to learn more about becoming an affiliate to Hootsuite.

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