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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Writing Your Twitter Account Verification Application Case

When submitting your Twitter account verification application, Twitter provide a section in the form where you will be required to explain to them why they should verify your account. Among other, they explanation you give have a great effect as to whether Twitter will go ahead a stamp your profile with the blue checkmark badge showing that it has been verified.

But when you get to that section while filling the verification application form, what should you write?

Many people will just follow the logic of the question and outline the reason why they deserve to be verified by Twitter. Well to me, doing so is not bad, but to booster your chances of getting verified quick, I recommend that you rather the ways you believe your brand adds value to the Twitter community, that is, you should explain to Twitter how your brand expertise benefits users and how it is working for the the interest of the public.

What I am trying to say is this: If the account represents a person, Twitter want to understand their impact in their field, and if it represents a corporation or company, they want to know the corporation mission and most importantly how it will benefit the Twitter community as a whole.

So instead of explaining only how you will benefit from being verified, tell them also how you feel your being verified will impact positively on the Twitter community. Remember, you have only 500 characters to spare, so write wisely or wait for another 30 days before you can re-submit your application.

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