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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Which Is Giving Me The Correct Stats For My Website Google Console Or Analytics?

I too have asked this same question because I was baffuled the day I was comparing the search stats Google Analytics is giving me with the one Google console is giving me. So I made a deligent search to find out why then I found in answer in a post in the Search Console Help center titled About our stats and data.

In the post, there are three point that is outline that make the search stats of your webstie that Google webmaster tool showing you differs from the one Google Analytics is showing you but the fact is, but of them are corrects, it is just that there omission from the stats of Google console and also additions to the stats you are seeing in Analytics.

This is what I mean, Search Console does not add up duplicated visits and also visits from robots to their stats, Analytics might add them up.
Google Console stats is based on the last time googlebot visits your website, Google Analytics gives you stats almost instanteneously -that is in real time.
Also know that Analytics only track users that have enabled javescript in their browsers but Search Console does not require javascript to be enabled before it can track the users.

So you see, Google Console and Analytics are both giving you the correct stats of your website, it is just that there are factors that make their stats not to be the same.

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