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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

What Are Microsoft Word 2007 Templates And Add-Ins

Templates as the name implies, are objects which are used as samples for the creating of others. But when the word Microsoft Word 2007 templates is used, it does notrefers to the sample source code that can be used to recreate the Microsoft word 2007 Program, No. Rather it refers to samples documents that can be used by a MS Word 2007 user in the creation of other documents.

Thus, Microsoft Word 2007 templates or the templates of any other word processing program are mostly normal documents, but in this case, the documents are saved in the "my document" or Desktop folder of the computer but in a folder created by the Word 2007 program so that you will not mistakenly delete it.

Microsoft Word 2007 templates can be, store styles, AutoText entries, AutoCorrect entries, macros, toolbars, custom menu settings, and shortcut keys.
Thus the ideal behind MS Word 2007 templates is not limited to the saving of a full blown document as a template to aid the creating of other documents.

While Add-Ins are programs which are supplementary to the Word 2007 program. The purpose of Add-Ins is to extend the capabilities of the Microsoft Word 2007 program, because they add special command and also can help you specialize your usage of the MS Word 2007 program.

Note that when you create a template with Microsoft Word 2007, it becomes a global template and thus can be used also with other Microsoft Office programs that support that templates feature.

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