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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Using The Helper To Download YouTube Videos

First let me start by explaining the term " helper". The helper is a browser add-ons from that will help you download videos from YouTube and other website without having you to copy the url and go download it from the website. This means that automatically integrate a download button to the YouTube website if you are browsing YouTube with a browser you have install the helper add-ons on.

Although the helper icon appears in the toolbar of the browser you have installed it on, you do not need to click on it every time you want to download a video from YouTube, so here is how to use it.

While Watching A Video
As outline earlier, when you have install the helper add-ons into your browser, anytime you are watching a video, that is, when a YouTube video start playing, the helper will automatically enable a Download button right below the video player of YouTube just a the image below show.

Clicking on the green download will then give you the option to download the video in any format and video quality you prefer.
Note, when you have started the download, you do not need to keep watching the video, you can pause it or leave the YouTube website completely, and the download will not be interrupted.

Video Listing
Another great thing about this helper add-ons is that, you really do not even have to start watching the video before you can download it, because right there in the thumbnail of any video in YouTube, the add-ons will integrate a download icon into it, just as the image below illustrate.

So when you click on it, you can download the video in any format and video quality of your choice.

To learn more about and to download the helper add-ons, click >>> HERE <<<

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