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Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Using Google Search Console To Monitor Your Website Traffic

How many traffic is your website getting, 1k, 10K, or 25K per day? How many of this traffic is coming from google search engine, or better still, what do people search for in google before they can see my website pages? Thess and many others are question your Google Search Console account can help you discover.

Search Queries: with the Search Analytics tool of Google Search Console, you will be able to know which search queries by google users make your website to appear in the search result page, the ranking position of your website in the search result and also which search queries is actually sending traffic to your website.
This Search Analytics tool of Google Webmaster Tool also help you to calculate the click through rate of your website appearance in search result pages.

Backlinks: if you are interested in knowing where your website is getting backlinks from, which page in your site they are back-linking to, and how many pages in your site they have back-linked to, then the Link to Your Site tool of Google Search Console will provide the answer to you.

Internal Links: more important than backlinks are the internal links that links to other pages within your website. If you wish to keep a tab on this, then the Internal Links feature of Google Webmaster Tool is what you need.

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