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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Turn Off Background Apps So As To Conserve The Battery Life Of Your Computer Running Windows 10

When you start noticing that your battery life for your laptop has started to be dwindling, getting a new batter is a good ideal but that might not be the solution. The best solution is to find the root cause while your current battery life dwindling and then to resolve it before inserting the new battery to the laptop, else you risk damaging the cells of the new battery.

There many reasons as to what can make the battery life of your laptop to start to dwindle, but in this post I am going to be talking about one and also how to resolve this cause which is Too Much Background Apps.

Even Microsoft acknowledge the fact that having too much background apps running on your Windows 10 machine will have a negative effect on your battery life, thus they encourage people "turning background apps off can help conserve power."

Thus if you turn off the apps running in the background (that is background apps) then chances are high that you have resolve at least 30% of the reason why your computer's battery life is dwindling. But why is that so?

Because when you leave background apps on, they will be making your computer CPU to handle process which at the moment might not be important to you. Your computer CPU will now be like someone who is sitting because he wants to relax but is carrying an heavy load on his head. Will you say that person is truly relaxing? Definitely not.

So if you keep background apps on, then your computer running Windows 10 is not relaxing at all, neither is it working a a moderate rate, rather it is overstretching itself to see to it that it both attend to the numerous request of those background apps while also attending to the request for the apps which is in use.

So as recommended earlier, if you want to conserve the battery life your computer running the Windows OS, then you should seriously consider turning off background apps.

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