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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Three Facts About Unloading Add-Ins Or Templates In Microsoft Word 2007

Unloading a template or Add-Ins you rarely use when working with your Microsoft Word 2007 program is a good ideal because it will ensure that speed of the Word 2007 program is increased since that is a sure way to conserving memory. But will it be wise for you to unload a Template or Add-Ins from the Microsoft Word 2007 program? Consider these three facts.

First Fact:
Fact one has to do with unloading the/a Add-Ins or Templates that you have specify that should be launch alongside MS Word 2007 during the startup of the Word program.
When you unload an Add-Ins or Template in this category, the add-ins or templates will no longer be available as you are using the Word 2007 program, but this does not mean that the add-ins will be removed from the startup folder of Microsoft Word 2007.

Thus when you close and reopen the Word 2007 program, you should expect that the Add-Ins or Templates should be loaded automatically.

Second Fact:
 If the Add-Ins or Template you are intending to unload is not part of the Add-Ins in the Startup folder of Word 2007, it means that when you want to use it again, you need to load it back into the Microsoft Word 2007 program.

But this is obvious because even though you have not unload it from the Word 2007 program and you close it, when you reopen the program you will still have to reload the Add-Ins or Template before you can use it.

Third Fact:
Unloading an Add-Ins or Template does not mean that you are removing it from your computer, it only means that you are making the Add-Ins and/or template unavailable for use at present, thus you can reload it when you need it later.

These are the three facts I will like to bring to your notice for now.

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