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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Those Behind The Development Of The Firefox Snooze Tab Add-ons

One of the focus of Mozilla is to make its users enjoy surfing the internet, and they are really doing well in this regard. With the introduction of Snooze Tab add-ons to Mozilla's browser Firefox, people will love surfing the internet all the more, because they will now be able to set alarms as to which website to visits and more right in the Firefox browser, and those website will be automatically open for them when their specified time comes.

Yes, we know that the Snooze Tab add-ons is an initiative of Mozilla, but it will not be reasonable to conclude that all the employees in Mozilla are the ones who put heads together to up source code together so as to produce the add-ons. Thus I am using this post to past credit to those involved in the actual developing of the Firefox Snooze Tab add-ons.

Firefox Snooze Tab Add-ons Is Brought To You By:

Les Orchard
Name: Les Orchard
Position: Senior Engineer
Sevaan Franks
Name: Sevaan Franks
Position: Firefox UX
No Image To Display
Name: Blake W
Position: Firefox UX
Erica W
Name: Erica W
Position: Firefox UX
Parag Nandi
Name: Parag Nandi
Position: Design Contributor
Peter Dehaan
Name: Peter Dehaan
Position: Firefox QA
Emil Pasca
Name: Emil Pasca
Position: Softvision QA
Ciprian Muresan
Name: Ciprian Muresan
Position: Softvision QA

What do you have to say to them?...

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