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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Snooze Tab Of Firefox And Your Privacy

I consider the Snooze Tab of Firefox as a great feature and move by Mozilla be it will sure help prevent me from being afraid to close by Firefox browser seeing that I have tabs opened that I will like to attend to on a later time. So to me I love the Snooze Tab add-ons of Firefox. If you do, then follow me as I explorer the privacy issues using this feature of Firefox will have on it's users.

Well I will not say that the privacy policy of using the Snooze Tab add-ons on totally an issue, there is nothing that someone use and will not does not privacy glitches. So let us look at that of Snooze Tab.

Here are the privacy policies of Snooze Tab as of now.

Because Mozilla want to know how successful how successful the Snooze Tab is, they are collecting information as to how its users interact with the add-ons. These information include, when the user opens the Snooze panel from the toolbar button, so as to access, edit or delete Snoozed tabs within the panel. This will enable Mozilla to know if people are using the Snooze Tab add-on and at what rate.

The also collect information as to when you create a new Snoozed tab, whether or not you manually wake a Snoozed tab or close a Snoozed tab, or focus a Snoozed tab.

Mozilla also collect information that will help them determine the frequency in which the Snooze Tab users re-snooze previously snoozed tabs, or if they use the already pre-define snooze time of if they customize it and if so, what is the average snooze time for all users.

But regardless of the information that Mozilla through the Snooze Tab add-ons collect, Mozilla say that they do NOT use the Snooze Tabs to collect any information or details about your tabs such as URLs, meta attributes, or page content.

You can learn more about the data collection for ⁨Snooze Tabs⁩ >>> HERE  <<<

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