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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The Feature Of The Professional Plan Of Hootsuite

The cheapest paid plan of Hootsuite -one of the most populous and great post scheduling service- is the Professional Plan, which cost $9.99 each month. So if you are to use this plan, then you will be only spending $119.88 annually or $59.94 bi-annually.

To entrepreneurs and small business owners, this is not a small money, so the question will be, is this plan right for me? Well that answer will be left to you to answer, but be rest assured that after considering all the features Hootsuite is giving to those using their Professional Plan, you will make the right decision. So let us get started.

  1. Up To 10 Social Media Account: one of the great thing about using a post scheduler is being able to schedule your post to as mush social media account that you have right from one place. And the Profession Plan of Hootsuite allow you to do just that. So whether you have a Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Pineprint and more, you can sure manage post to them all when you are using this plan.
  2. Analytic On Real-time Basic: who like my post, re-tweet my tweet or commented on them? All these are question that will be answered if you subscribe to this plan, because if you do, you will be able to track you track you Facebook, Twitter and Instagram engagement on real-time basic.
  3. Content Suggestions: do not have an ideal of what to share with your followers again? Hootsuite will help you out if you are using the Professional Plan. Because the Professional Plan include a feature called Unlimited Content Suggestions, and when you activate, Hootsuite will give you unlimited customized content suggestions that you can allow Hootsuite to share automatically or preview before you share.
  4. Social Sweepstakes: Hootsuite enables social sweepstakes and lead capturing campaigns for their users who are subscribe to the Professional Plan. This means you can get leads, build social sweepstakes campaigns and sign-up campaigns easily when you are subscribe to the professional plan.
  5. RSS Integration: if you have source websites that uses RSS and you do not want to download a separate RSS reader so as to monitor the post from those website, then Hootsuite is the tool to use. Hootsuite Profession Plan gives you the ability to  get content from All your source or website which you love their content and then automatically post their content to your social media accounts. You can also review the and then schedule the post.
  6. Free and Paid Apps Integration: all the tools and website you already use and rely one can all be integrated to you dashboard. Yes more than 150 free and paid appps which you already use be it MailChimps, Youtube, Dropbox and the rest can all be managed from your Hootsuite dashboard when you have subscribe to the Professional Plan.
  7. Instant Support: you no longer have to write a mail and wait for close to 48 hours before a support team member will attend to you. When you have subscribe to the Professional Plan of Hootsuite, Hootsuite live chat support will be enable for you so that you can get help instantaneously from you chat with Hootsuite support them right from your Hootsuite dashboard. 
These are many others are the features you will enjoy when you subscribe to the Professional Plan of Hootsuite. And do not forget that you will also enjoy a one time free 30 days trial period when you decide to activate this plan, and after it has expire, you can choose to continue with it or to downgrade back to the free plan.

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