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Thursday, February 2, 2017

The Best Way To Follow Somebody's Tweets On Twitter

Have you ever fall in love with the tweets of someone that you which Twitter should populate your timeline with tweet from only that individual? What if that are more that one? Will suggesting to them to use a particular hashtag be your best way out?

It is a good way but to me is not the best. To me, the best way out is using Twitter List.

List is a feature is Twitter that allows your gather all the public tweets from those who you have added as members to the List in a chronological way.

Thus, if you so much love that celebrity, or business or organization or even if the person is just a regular Twitter user, but you still do not want to miss their tweets because you are busy scanning through the thousands of tweets from other people, then I strongly recommend that you create a List.

And as mentioned earlier, the List feature is not only limited to one member per List, you can add up as much as everybody you do not want to miss their tweets.

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