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Monday, January 30, 2017

One Touch And Your PayPal Account Security

Many people are afraid to use the One Touch service of PayPal because they feel that their they PayPal account through One Touch if for any reason their phone ever got stolen. I once thought that way, so if you are still having this same line of thought, I understand you well. But despite this fear, I still activated this feature in some of my device, not because I feel that the benefits out-way the disadvantages, but because of facts rounding the One Touch service and my PayPal security. Let me explain better.

Once you are using the One Touch service, you are only telling PayPal not to request for your login detail whenever you want to make purchase online from a merchant they approve of.
This means that whenever you want to login to your PayPal account to maybe send money or change password, you will be required to do provide your login details.

So if ever a device you activate One Touch got stolen, the thief cannot use it as a means to reset your password, or to use it as mean to send all your funds to his own account.

What he can do is to only use it to buy and PayPal for a purchase online, which is mind will not think off so quickly, this means that even after the device you activated the One Touch service on is stolen, you still have ample of time to login to your PayPal account with another so as to deactivate the feature from all device you have activated it on, or to call PayPal customer care for assistance to do so if you cannot go online at that moment.

In other words, when the device you are using One Touch on get stolen, this does not mean that the person who steel the device can gain access your PayPal settings from the PayPal payment screen.

Also PayPal is known for their world class fraud detection tool, thus if they are suspicious of a payment request for a goods, they will ignore the fact that you have activated One Touch on that device and the require you to provide login details before they can white-list the purchase, and if at that point you cannot provide the login details, the One Touch service might be automatically deactivated from that device.

So do you know understand why I still decide to activate the One Touch service on my device despite this doubt? What do you think about my decision.

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