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Saturday, February 11, 2017

My Site's Bootstrap 3 Carousel Is Not Sliding Automatically

There are two possible causes of this issues. The first cause of the issue is when the page containing the Bootstrap 3 Carousel did not load completely or is still loading.
By default, Bootstrap 3 Carousel start sliding automatically only when the website it is found has been fully loaded. If this is the case, just click on either the left or right controller to start it, you do not need to refresh the page again.

The second reason is the omission of data-ride="carousel" attribute from the Bootstrap 3 Carousel container.
The data-ride="carousel" tell the browser to start animating your Bootstrap 3 Carousel gallery immediately the page finished loading, so when it is missing, the Carousel will have to wait for the person viewing the page to start it by clicking on either the right or left controller button.
So to fix this, you need to add the data-ride="carousel" attribute back to the Carousel container.

This are the two main reason why your site's Bootstrap 3 Carousel is not sliding automatically and how to fix it.

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