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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Is It True That Genes Determine If A Parent Will Be Good or Bad?

To some extent Yes. But to me, that is not the only determinate factor as to whether someone will be a good or bad parent. This is what I mean.

What genes to some extent determines is a person's attitude and characters. For example, someone who is from a loving parent when it grows up might become a loving parent too. But it is under probability.

Genes is not the only thing that determines a person's attitude or character. The environment in which someone is brought up, the person's experience in life, the person's level of education, the person's friends and many other factor are all what determines a persons attitude and character. Though genes may take the greater influence, like 30 - 40%. It is not the only determinate factor.

So the idea that genetic is what determine if a parent will be good or bad is not always true. You have the ability to decide what you want to become and how you want to act even if your genetic, people around or friend are against it.

Those who put the fault of their bad qualities as a parent on genetic factor are just seeking a way out so that they will not have to put up a fight to become a better parent.

So to some extent, genes determines a parent's actions but not in all cases. A parent can even choose not to listen to the prodding of their genes.

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