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Monday, February 6, 2017

How Do 000webhost Earn?

000webhost are not the first neither are they the only people to be providing free web host service. But unlike other free web host service provider, 000webhost do not add their advertising code to the website you host with them neither do the say that you can only monetize your website using their ads serving network, in fact, they give you full control over your website as if you are hosting it on a paid web host server.

So since they are not embedding their adverting code to your website, neither are they saying you much use their ads serving network to monetize your website, how then do they earn?

Simply put, 000webhost earn by providing premium web hosting service and also they accept donations.

Them providing premium web hosting service does not mean that the period you can host your website with them is limited, no. But rather it means that you there is a limit as to the service they provide to you when you are using their Free Web Hosting plan.
For example, when you are hosting your website for free with 000webhost, they offer you only 1000mb/1GB of disk space, thus if you are hoping to host a download website, then you will be required to upgrade from the free web hosting plan you are enjoying to a premium web hosting package so that you can get more disk space for the file you want your website users to be able to download.

So just because 000webhost provide free web hosting service does not mean that they do not also have premium or paid web hosting package, this is the first and main way by which they earn.
While the second way is through donations from grateful and appreciative users of their free web hosting services.

Thus when they say they will not spam your website with their ads just because you are using their free web hosting package, you should believe them for the have no reason to default, since ads is not their means of monetizing their service.

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