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Wednesday, February 1, 2017

How Can I Get The Snooze Tab Add-ons On My Firefox Now?

As off now the Snooze Tab add-ons is the latest add-ons Mozilla is intending to add to Firefox, and if you are reading this post because you are looking for a way to get them, then it is probably because you have heard of it and knows the importance of it. But for the purpose or those who are just hearing about the Snooze Tab add-ons for Firefox now, I am going to start off by first giving a brief breakdown of what the Snooze Tab add-ons is for.

As the name implies, the Snooze Tab add-ons when added to Firefox will enable a user to close a browsing tab and set a time that the tab should reopen automatically. Thus with it said Mozilla, if you are at the right website but at the wrong time, you can use this add-ons to "snooze it until you need it."

Having said that, let me now explain how you can get the Snooze Tab add-on on your Firefox browser now.

Like I said earlier, 'the Snooze Tab add-ons is the latest add-ons Mozilla is intending to add to Firefox' so it has not been launched yet, it is still in it's testing stag, thus you will not find it if you go to the Firefox official add-ons website.
But you do not have to wait till when it is launched before you can start using, for you can be among the over 36 thousand people who are already using the test version of the Snooze Tab add-ons.

All you have to do is, make sure that your Firefox browser is up-to-date. Then go to the Test Pilot website to register your Firefox browser in the program. Once you are done, you will become an add-ons tester for Firefox, thus you can start using not just the Snooze Tab add-ons but also any other new add-ons that Firefox is testing out.

Note: when you have successfully register for the Test Pilot Firefox program, you still will not see the Snooze tab in the official Firefox website for add-ons because it has not been fully launched. It is still in the Test Pilot website you can will be able to get the Snooze Tab add-ons.
To go to the Test Pilot Website click >>> HERE <<<

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