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Monday, February 6, 2017

Host Your Website For Free!!! _000webhost

Yes, you heard it right. You can host your website for free, and I mean absolutely free. So if you are tired of using a or or any other free blogging platform with the help of 000webhost, you can create your own Website and host it for free.

When I say you can create your own website, I do not mean that you will be needing to use the website builder tool of 000webhost, no, what I mean is that you can ask a website designer to create a website offline for you, and after it is done, you can upload, that is have the website hosted with 000webhost server for Free.
But why should you be interested on hosing your website on 000webhost, here are some key reasons.

  1. 000webhost offer you their free web hosting service free Forever. Yes, do will not say that your free website hosting package has expired that you need to upgrade to a premium one.
    The free web hosting package of 000webhost is free and not it is a trial period, it is free and free forever.
  2. They offer 10GB of bandwidth!, meaning they website you host with them can be heavily trafficked without some users having to be told that the website is not available at the moment.
    With the 000webhost free web hosting package, your website can withstand spam traffics.
  3. 000webhost do not embed there adverts on your website, and they allow you to monetize your website using your own ad code. So you are guaranteed that they will not spam your website with their own adverts, they will not even dream of it.
  4. 000webhost allows you to host up to two website with your one free account you create with them, and do you know what, your account will be activated instantly, there is no saying that your application will be previewed.
  5. They also offer to host your MySQL database for you free!!!
You think it sound too good to be true, why not visit their website to find out more. Click >>> HERE <<< to visit 000webhost website and get more info about them.

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