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Monday, February 6, 2017

Hootsuite Affiliate Marketer Requirements

Looking desperately for a service to become an affiliate marketer to, then Hootsuite might not be your best option, why? because the requirement need before you can be accepted into the Hootsuite affiliate program might not make desperate people to qualify. But if you think you have what it need to become an affiliate marketer for Hootsuite, then continue reading.

Hootsuite requirement for accepting people into their affiliate program is quite simple, in fact, they are just four requirements needed, and these are:
  1. Followers count: if you do not have a website or blog, Hootsuite demands that you have a VERY huge amount of followers, the phrase they use is "large online following."
  2. Content: to Hootsuite, it is not just about gathering followers but also giving them "unique content" so if you have a large amount of following but do not provide unique or good content, then you might not be accepted into the affiliate program of Hootsuite.
  3. Website: if you do have a website or blog, then you have a plus. but not just any website, a website with quality design.
  4. Traffic: but if you think that you have those three and lack high traffic, then know that you might not be accepted.
So you see, the requirements is simple but not so easy to achieve. But if you can try and get accepted as an affiliate marketer for Hootsuite, then it will worth your effort.

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