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Friday, February 10, 2017

Google Search Console Crawl Reporting Tools

You have published your website, and using the site: search operator, you discover that your site has been crawled and index by Google, but you still get yourself wondering, is it all pages in my website that google have crawled and indexed? are they having problem crawling a particular page in my site, if yes which one? If you are, you can have the answers.

Google Search Console have some tools that will help you get the answers you seek; these are the tools:

Crawl Errors: this tool list all the pages in you website that google have not been able to crawl and also give you the reason so that you will know how to fix it. This tool is so important because if you do not fix it as soon as possible, then google and other search engines will not be able to crawl and index that page, which means that page have no possibility of showing up when someone uses search engines to find things online.

Crawl Stats: is tool in Google Search Console that shows you googlebot activities on your website. It shows you how many pages in your website it crawls and how long the bot spend on all the page(s) per day.

Block Resources: This tool tells you which resource in a page googlebot was not able to assess. Such resource affect the way google crawls the page, that is, then way google understand what the content of the page is.
So if there is a resource that is blocked, it means google does not understand that page and thus will not be able to recommended it to the right audience you intend that page for.

Security Issues: is your website hosting a web application? if yes, the Security Issues tool of Google Search Console will help you to detect security flaws in that application which you need to attend to so that the security of your site users will be guaranteed.

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