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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Four Reasons Your Site's Google Analytics Search Stats Differ Your Google Search Console Stats

First Reason: Multiple Search Stats
In your website Google Analytics search reporting, Analytics shows you all referral from search engines be it from Google, Bing, Yahoo and others, but in your Search Console account, only search stats for your site from Google is displayed.

Second Reason: Stats Update Frequency
Google Analytics search stats are updated in real-time, the stats in your Google Search Console is updated base on the frequency in which googlebot visit your website. So you might end up seeing stats more stats in your Analytics reporting because the one in your Search Console account have not been updated.

Third Reason: User Browser Settings
Google Analytics can only take stats of a user which is being referred by a search engine if the user has enabled or have not disabled JavaScript in their browser, but the Webmaster Tool of Google, that is Google Search Console does not require that the user enable JavaScript in their browser.

Fourth Reason: Omission
Because Google Search Console use robot to crawl your site, they understand better when what is searching their website ( is a robot than other tracking tools such as Google Analytics, thus Search Console is in a better position to tell if the traffic your site is receiving from them is from a robot or a human.
Because of their policy Search Console omit search traffic they consider is coming from robots in their stats while Analytics might not be able to dictate it and thus will add it up to your stats. But this is rare.

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