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Monday, February 6, 2017

Earn With 000webhost

000webhost want to pay you. Yes they are willing to pay you for referring people to use their web hosting service. But will it be nice for you to consider becoming an affiliate marketer of 000webhost? Yes. Consider the following.

000webhost are the best free web hosting service provider ever for they have been hosting website free since 2007. And since their web hosting service is free, it will not be that difficult to convince a starter blogger or website owner who do not have enough for premium content to host their blog and website with 000website.

And apart from having it easy to convince people to use 000webhost, the commission of 000webhost to their affiliates is really cool. Just imagine:
  • You get free Premium Upgrade for your own website if you are able to refer 3 people.
  • $10 dollars for the first 10 people you refer.
  • Free .com domain for your first 15 referrals
  • $40 dollars after 20 referrals
  • $90 dollars for 30 referrals
  • $200 dollars for 50 referrals and more.
Cool right. And the more cool news about being a affiliate for 000webhost is that the referrals do not have to activate or be using their premium web hosting before they consider them as your referrals, they pay you for referring people who are even using their free web hosting service.

So to me, becoming an affiliate for 000webhost is a really lucrative thought.

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