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Thursday, February 2, 2017

Creating Auto Scrolling Element Using HTML

The ability to create an element which its content can auto scroll is a great feeling. But can that be done using a simple web developing language such as HTML and not JavaScript? Yes is the answer. And we are going to teach how to create it.

The simple way of creating auto scrolling element using HTML is just by surrounding the HTML element with the < marquee> tag. As you may know, HTML tag comes in pair, and so the Marquee tag thus have an opening tag which is <marquee> and a closing tag which is </marquee>.

How to Use It.
  1. Create a element (probably the DIV or TABLE element) and fill the element with content which you know will overflow the element stipulated width and height which you have specified.
  2. Next add the MARQUEE tag around the element containing the content.
That is all. With when done, the content will start to auto scroll itself without any scrollbar being displayed.

Note also that even though the content of the element is not more than the size of the stipulated width of the element, using the marquee tag will still make the content to auto scroll, looping continually.

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