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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Browser Cookies Cloning And Your Online Security

For those who are new to the concept of browser cookies, this is what it is. A browser cookies is a file, usually a text file which a website you visit use to store information about your usage of their website, so that they (the website) can personalize the service they render to you.

Let's say you visit a website that uses cookies, Facebook for example, when the Facebook website opens, you now change the site language from English to let say Spanish. What Facebook will do now is to create a browser cookies which contain your preferred language Spanish and then save the cookies on your device, so that when next you are visiting Facebook on that device through that same browser, you will be taken the the Spanish version of Facebook instead of the English so that you will not be needing to go through the stress of changing the site language again.
Note: Site language is not the only thing that can be stored in a cookies.

Cloning as you may know is the act of replicating something. So when I use the term "Browser Cookies Cloning" I am referring to the act of replication or duplicating a browser cookies.

So how does browser cookies cloning affect your online Security?
Have you ever wondered why is it that Facebook (for example) will not ask you for your login details the next time you want to sign into your account if previously you did not log out of your Facebook account?
It is because the cookies in your device is telling Facebook that you are still the one accessing the account, for the cookies still contain your login details and also information that shows that your previous browsing session on Facebook have not ended since you did not sign.

Thus if an hacker can be able to clone your browser cookies, the hacker will in effect be decieving Facebook and any other website that you have not logout from that their (hacker) device is yours and so Facebook and another other website that you have signed into will allow the hacker free pass to your account with them.

But how can an hacker get hold of your browser cookies?
I do not know of how it is done in particular but what I do know is that the possibility of an hacker getting hold of your browser cookies is there when you and the hacker are using the same wireless (WiFi) network to browse. That is, if you are using an open wifi to browse and an hacker is also using that wifi connection.
Does this means that you are always in treat when ever you join an open wifi network?

Not necessarily. If you are using a VPN service then you are free.

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