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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Add-Ins Is Not New To Microsoft Office Suite 2010 and Later.

Have you heard about Add-Ins? You probably might have, because there is even a tab design to help users of Microsoft Office Program 2010 and later to manage Add-ins. But is Add-Ins a feature that is rolled out with the launch of MS Office Suite 2010?

No. Because recently I discovered that the Add-Ins feature is even available in the Microsoft Office Suite. But it seems that the Add-Ins feature in the Microsoft Office Suite 2007 program is quit restricted.

For example, the Add-ins feature available in the 2007 Office Suite of Microsoft does not support Add-Ins from most Third-party, thus it is only Add-ins from Microsoft Office teams are available for use in the Microsoft Office 2007 Suite.

Still in doubt as to if truly the Add-Ins feature is available for Microsoft Office 2007 users, then do the following so as to load an Add-Ins, I am using MS Word 2007 as an example:
  1. Click the Microsoft Office Button, and then click Word Options, which is as the bottom left of the Microsoft Office button window.
  2. Click Add-Ins in the left section.
  3. In the Manage list which is at the right side, select a Word Add-ins, and then click Go.

Before you get swept off your feet as to what is Add-Ins, here is what it means, “Add-ins are supplemental programs that you can install to extend the capabilities of Microsoft Office Word by adding custom commands and specialized features.”

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