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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Working With Presentations | LibreOffice Impress 5.2

If you are wondering if LibreOffice Suite has a presentation program such as Microsoft PowerPoint, the answer is Yes, LibreOffice suite has it, and the name is Impress. So with this post, I aim to helping you know how to open it and a presentation window, how to close Impress and also how to close a presentation without closing Impress.

How To Open Impress.
I am using the Anniversary Update version of Windows 10, so the screenshot maybe a little different from yours, but it is still the same process.

Click on the Start Button which is at the far left of the Windows taskbar, then in the list of all program section in the Start Menu, scroll down to LibreOffice folder and click on it.
Once you do, it will display all the programs in the LibreOffice suite, now click on LibreOffice Impress.

The second way to open LibreOffice express is to double-click on the LibreOffice icon in your desktop, then click on Impress Presentation at the left section of the LibreOffice suite window that will appear.

How To Create New Presentation
Once Impress in started, it automatically take you to a new presentation window. But if you want to open another new presentation window, do the following

In the Menu bar, click on File, hover your mouse on the New option, and the the sub-menu that will be displayed, click on Presentation.
Or you can simply use the keyboard shortcut key which is Ctrl+N to open another new presentation window in LibreOffice Impress, while Ctrl+Shift+N is the shortcut key to open the presentation Templates of Impress.

How To Close A Impress Presentation Without Closing LibreOffice
In the Menu bar, click on File, then click on the Close option in the resulting menu.
This will close the presentation, but if it is only one presentation that is opened, it will close Impress without closing the LibreOffice Suite program.

To close LibreOffice Suite program, click on the white cross with red background icon at the top right corner of the window, or you can use the keyboard shortcut key which is Ctrl+Q or Alt+F4.

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