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Monday, January 23, 2017

Why I Prefer CPC To CPM Advertising Network

Has a blogger or website owner, the easiest and stress free way to monetize (that is make money from) your blog is to allow advertising networks to place adverts on you blog. Having said this, you should also know that, the money you make from the adverts which an advertising network you are using is dependent on the default advertising bid type that network provide.

It is true that they are many advertising bid type, such as, CPC, RPM, APV, CPM and the list goes on, and a good news is that, some advertising network do provide more that one bid type. But as for now, I want to explain, why I prefer advertising network who use CPC and not CPM as their default advertising bid.

But first, let me explain what the acronym CPCand CPM means.
CPC is the acronym Cost Per Click. This type of bid forces advertisers to specify how much they are willing to pay for every time their adverts (also know as ads) is clicked.
While CPM is the acronym for Cost Per Mile or Cost Per 1,000 impression. This means that advertisers are asked to specify how much they are wiling to pay so as to show their ads to people 1,000 times.

This type of advertising bid (CPM) sound good, does it not? at least, you do not have to bother whether or not if the ads in you blog or website is clicked or not. But the fact is most of them pay a lesser amount compared to CPC advertising network.

For example, hardly you will see a CPM advertising network that is wiling to pay you $1 for every time they show their adverts 1,000 times to your website or blog visitors, but you can see a CPC advertising network that is wiling to pay you $0.10 for every visitors that clicked on their adverts that appear on your website or blog.

So let us assume that out of the 1,000 people that came to your website, 100 of them decided to click on an adverts which is from a CPC advertising network, it means that you will be getting not less than $10 (that is $0.10x100) while if you have used a CPM advertising network you will be getting $1.

But of cause, there is no 100% probability that and ads will get clicked 100 times out of the 1,000 times it is shown. But I still hold to the believe and fact that you will earn more when you use a Cost Per Click (CPC) advertising network to monetize your blog or website that when you use a Cost Per Mile or Cost Per 1,000 Impression (CPM) advertising network.

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