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Saturday, January 7, 2017

Why Economics Is A Science

Where you able to see clearly the explanation Maxwell Okozor gave has to why Economic is a Science?
If not, here is it, remember, this is suppose to be an answer to a question in exam.

Question: Why Economics Is A Science

Answer: Yes, Economics is totally a science because many teachers in the school here always says economics is a science.
Again any time you come to the class you always say economics is a science subject. Also my father say economics is a science and I should read hard.
Even the new economics teacher come class and told us that economic is a science.
Lastly, the school principal said it on the assembly two days ago and therefore who am I to say economics is not a science.

When I saw this, I just can not stop laughing. Hope it made you laugh also.
Please give a word for him.

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