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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Why Develop A Contentable Attitude

Before I begin to explain you should start to being contented with your current situation, I will like to first explain what that term "Contentment" means.
Contentment is among the positive emotion known to be possessed by only humans. It is the inner satisfaction one derive from accomplishing a set goal, or for doing something special. It is that feeling when you look back and feel happy about what you have done and when you look forward and see that there is no unrealistic goal to achieve.

So why should you develop a contentable attitude? Simply Put, Contentment is linked to your Happiness. You cannot be Truly happy if you are not contented or better still, let me use the word, satisfied.

And apart from making you happy, having a contentable attitude will fuel you and give you the courage to take up more challenging goals. For example, when you are satisfied with the way you administer your responsibility in your work place, it will give you the drive to want to wake up every working day morning and view your workplace as a leisure center and thus, you will find yourself enjoying your job.

Remember, Contentment is only achieve when YOUR REALISTIC GOALS are achieved by you. Though external factor can be the reason behind your goals, but they should not set it.
And in an event whereby they set it, in order for you to find contentment achieving that goal, you need to accept the challenge as it it was you who set the goal, if not, not matter the praises you receive for achieving the goal, you will not feel truly satisfied for doing so, and thus you might not even remember how you feel after achieving the goal months or even weeks later.

The bottom line, you need a contentable attitude if you are truly going to be happy in life. And contentment is derive when you meets the challenges of realistic goals that you accept wholeheartedly.

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