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Monday, January 30, 2017

Which Merchant Should I Activate PayPal One Touch For

PayPal One Touch as you may know is a great way to breeze through the payment process for item which you want to purchase online, but sadly though, you cannot choose which online merchant that offers their customers to ability to pay for items using their PayPal account you want to use the One Touch feature on. Why?.

Because the PayPal One Touch feature is a device and browser based setting feature and not a settings that can be applied to a merchant website. This is what I mean.

When you activate the PayPal One Touch feature, you are in effect telling PayPal that anytime you go shopping online with this particular device (that is the device you used to activate the One Touch) PayPal should not ask you for your login detail before they would allow you make payment.
This means that, no matter the merchant website you are buying from, as long as you have activated the One Touch feature for that device, then PayPal will let you breeze through your payment process for the item you are about to purchase.

Thus you really cannot control which merchants you opt in to One Touch for.

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