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Sunday, January 22, 2017

What Is Fitspiration?

Are you new to the word? If you are then this post will help you understand what it means.
Fitspiration is the abbreviation of Fitness Inspiration. But fitspiration carries a much different meaning than what fitness inspiration is all about. What do I mean?

You will agree with me that ordinarily the word 'Fitness inspiration' carries or is a message the is given so as to urge and encourage someone to keep fit, especially through exercise. But when it comes the word 'Fitspiration' it means a totally different thing.

It means any message that is given with the intention of encouraging or inspiring someone to go extra mile so as to attain a fitness goal, a particular physique.
This message are mostly accompanied with image(s) of someone who is hyper-fit and engaging in some impressive physical feat. And in most cases, the face of the person will not even be shown, so at it will get you focusing on the hyper-fit physique and got you wishing that you can be like that.

Then the quote will not tell you that you can be like that, only and only if you are willing to undergo a strenuous exercise routine, thus inspiring you to exercise, not for the benefit of it, but in order to change you body shape.
This is what Fitspiration is all about.

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