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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Using The AutoFilter Feature Of LibreOffice Calc 5.2

LibreOffice Calc 5.2 give you that ability to filter the content of cells in a column. The AutoFilter feature thus enable you to add a combo box to a column header so that you can with it specify filter criteria of cells that you want to be displayed.

To use this feature, you will first
  1. Select the column header you want the AutoFilter to be used on.
  2. Click on the Data menu in the menu bar and then click on AutoFilter in the menu that will appear.
Once done, the AutoFilter combo box will appear in the column header you have selected.
 Clicking on it will bring out some pre-define filter criteria you can choose from, like the Top 10 filter criteria will display ten cells with the highest numeric data value, while the rest will be hidden.
To display all the cells back, just click on the OK button in the menu that will appear when you click on the AutoFilter combo box.

To specify your own filter criteria, click on the Standard Filter... option in the AutoFilter menu.

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