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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Using Line Break | Microsoft Word 2016

Many people with the aid of the Line and Paragraph Spacing remove the space before and after a paragraph, not because they do not need it, but majorly because, there are some times when you will just like to continue typing in another line
without inserting a Paragraph.

They might what to split the content of a paragraph but not into multiple paragraph, but into multiple line(s) in one paragraph. The the technique of removing the space before and after paragraphs is the only solution they can think of.

If you are among them, you do not wrong, in fact, I use this technique for years, until I decided to go into research to find out if this is the only way out of ending a line and beginning another without adding a paragraph, and my result shows that it is not the only. In fact, it is not the appropriate way out.

The appropriate way of creating multiples lines with out a Paragraph is called LINE BREAK.
And to use it, you just have to
  1. Place your cursor/insertion point where you want to end the line.
  2. Then press drown the Shift key before you hit the Enter button (i.e Shift + Enter key).
That is how to create a Line Break.

Like I said earlier, if you are using and still decide to keep using the technique of removing the space before and after paragraphs, you do no wrong, but I will encourage you to use the appropriate way of creating a multiple line within a paragraph.

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