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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Understanding The Concept Of Multi-User Operating System (OS)

Have you ever been in a situation whereby you have to share a or probably your computer with a family member, relative, friend or even coworker? If yes, or if that is the situation you are about to enter, this does not mean that you do and will no longer have privacy over your files in the computer. You will still have.

This is because, when a computer operating system (OS) to be a multi-user OS then it means that, more than one person will be able to use a computer without having to see the files of the other person, though because of conserving hard disk space, all users will be able to use all the computer programs which is installed in the computer, not that each users will have to install it own. But the files of a user will not be visible and accessible to another user in the computer.

To help you understand the concept of Multi-user OS more, consider the most popular social networking site know as Facebook. As you may already have known, Facebook have more that 1 billion users and overs 600 millions users login Facebook everyday. This people login to Facebook using one website all the Facebook features are available to all of them, but none of them can see what the other person is doing in their Facebook account without the person giving them permission to by sharing it with them.

That is how a multi-user OS work. It enable more than one person use a computer without bridging their privacy. Or better still, as the image above shows, a multi-users operating system allows more that one computers user to connect to a server with each user being able to see what the other person is doing on the server.

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