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Friday, January 20, 2017

Transcribe of A Million Pieces _by Jon Jorgenson

I am Broken
and Crumbled to a Million Pieces.

What started as a small crack
in my Windshield was never taken care of
and so it Splits and
Splintered and
Snapped until the whole thing exploded in my face
Leaving me quite Blind to see where I was going

How do you build yourself back up
When every piece of who you are have been broken into a Million Pieces

 When the pit would be a Paradise
compared to my present Pain
When lifetimes of crying couldn't clean up Pain
I Raise from the floor wondering
What all this goal was for

Is there a Purpose to the pain
Can there be Meaning in my Mess
Where can I find beauty from my Brokenness

And from this Darkness
And when I can't find the Strength to say it much less Pray it
Suddenly I discovered that my Life can be come a Mosaic

A Picture of pattern produced
By putting together small Broken Pieces
I will become an unpieces
Formed from the Pieces of me that once put together
Reveal something far more Beautiful
Far more Powerful
And far more Wonderful
That I ever dreamed of when I was whole.

So Break my Body
Break my Heart
You can't touch this soul
I may walk with a limp
But my Spirit have never been Stronger
Because after blow after blow
I'll build up Slow and discover that you blow

So when you look at me
I want you to know
That's not a Scar
That's a Beauty Mark
Does aren't Scabs
They are the Armor of a Mighty Warrior

It is not a Bruise
It's War Paint

I want you to know
These tears
They're not for you
They're for Watering the sea
They fell into the ground and dies
But with Time
It'll Produce an even Stronger Tree
Stronger Me
So Chop me down
Break me Apart
You only add more Wood to the Fire
From which I'll Rise

And the size of my Burden is only Outdone
But the size of my Breakthrough
When I Shock the World
When am Made New
From the Pieces
A Million Pieces

What a Nice piece of Poetry. Do you not think so?

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