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Monday, January 30, 2017

The Sexual Life Of a Girl In Relation To Boys

The sexual life of a girl in relation to boys is very ironical. Just take a look: at age 13 girls are told to avoid boys that they are evil.

At age 18.when I college, their parent will say to them, I do not want to ever see you with that boy.

At age 23 their parent and others will start to say to them "we've not seen your boyfriend"

At age 26 the pressure keep mounting and because they are now at the age of marriage, they will be hearing something l "where is your boyfriend? your mates are getting married."

At age 30 her parent and her best female friend we go like "we have told you to stop selecting men, you will not know when you refuse you soul mate"

At age 33 they will start to advise her to seek help to get a partner through spiritual means saying: "there is this powerful man of God in Lagos he has helped many others like you to get a partner"

At age 39 she will be hearing surf like, "manage him like that, we'll take care of the wedding and other things" from her parent.

At age 45 she herself will be like "I need it anyhow, whether JOBLESS or POOR, just be my husband.

This is the struggle most African ladies especially Nigerian's go through when the are at the early teen through adulthood. What do you think about this?...

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