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Saturday, January 21, 2017

The Reason Behind A Million Pieces by Jon Jorgenson

"When the pit would be a Paradise
compared to my present Pain
When lifetimes of crying couldn't clean up Pain
I Raise from the floor wondering
What all this goal was for"

This is just an extract from the poem 'A Million Pieces' by Jon Jorgenson.
This is a master pieces of what spoken word should be to me, though I know little of poetry and it's guiding principle, I really do appreciate this poem.

And because of this, I found myself wondering. What is the motivating factor for Jon Jorgenson to put up to poem together? And there I found the answer.

It is found in Jon Jorgenson own description of the video which says, "We all have felt broken, let down, and practically shattered to pieces. How do you build yourself back up from such a low point? In this inspirational poem, I talk about how there is beauty to be found in every downfall. This poem is sure to motivate and encourage anyone who is going through a trial of any kind."

And to me, It sure will. Because it is really inspiring.
Why not click >>> HERE <<< so as to read the transcribe of the poem and also watch the video.

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