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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Substitute Of "The Day After Tomorrow"

Overmorrow. Yes, you heard it right. Instead of you using the phrase "a/the day after tomorrow" you can just use the word "Overmorrow" because it mean or is the word that is used to represent the day after tomorrow.

Thus we now have
Today - the present day
Tomorrow - a day after the present day
Overmorrow - two days after the present day.

I was amazed when I first learnt it back then in 2012, but because it was not that popular, I forgot to use it. But today when I was looking for what to post so as to educate you -my adored visitors- it just pop up in my head, and I said, I most share this to you.

Perhaps after I have shared it now, and you to click the share button below to share it with your friends and it becomes popular, then I and we will not easily forget to use it since it is the most appropriate word.

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