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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Specifying Which Application Should Run In The Background | Windows 10 Anniversary Update

As you may already know, having too many application running in the background have have a negative effect on your computer's batter life. So I aim to use this post to help you understand how you can gain control over which application should run in the background. So Read On.

  1. Open Windows 10 anniversary update Settings App. You do this by pressing Ctrl+I in your keyboard.
  2. Select Privacy from the Settings screen.
  3. Then in the left section of the Privacy screen, scroll down and click on Background apps.
  4. Next toggle off or on the switch next to the app you want or do not want to run in the background.
If you do not want any application to run in the background, then you need to toggle of all the switch and know that after this, if you install a new application that runs in the background, then you need to repeat the steps above so as to make it stop running in the background, because in Windows 10 anniversary update there is no particular button where you can click so that Windows will not allow and new application to run in the background by default.

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