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Monday, January 30, 2017

Someone Accidentally Activated PayPal One Touch On My Device

Some people can be so careless that they may unintentionally activate their PayPal account One Touch service in a public device or a device that is not theirs. If you notice, it will be a fraudulent transaction to still continue and make payment for the item you are about to purchase with a PayPal account that is not yours. So clear the device browser cookies, or in the payment page, PayPal include a link title Not Me, clicking on that link will log the others person's PayPal account out, then you can now sign in with your own account.

But in the case whereby you have already completed the payment before you realize that the PayPal account is not yours, it is recommended that you contact the customer service of PayPal so that they can help the true PayPal account holder and the merchant to resolve this situation amicably.

I have not been in this situation before, so I cannot say for certain the step the PayPal customer service will take to resolve this issue, but I feel that the easy way out of it is that the customer service will after you told them what happen, deduct the money you used from the others person's PayPal account from your own account and use it as a refund to the victim, then the customer service will deactivate the victims One Touch service from all previously connected device so that it will not happen again by mistake. Once again, I am not certain if this will be the step they will take.

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