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Monday, January 30, 2017

Should I Use PayPal's One Touch Service?

One TouchTM is a service which PayPal design to help you breeze the payment making option when you are purchasing a product from a eligible PayPal's merchant. This means that when you want to make a payment for a product and you have activated One TouchTM PayPal will no longer ask you for your login details before they will allow you to make the payment.

Should you use it? To me, Yes. Only if you are to activate in on a device that is yours and yours alone. Do not use it if the device you want to use is on is not used by you only, except the PayPal account is an account that is shared among the people that will be using the device, but if it is your personal PayPal account do not activate it on device that is not used by only you.

This is because, when you activate One TouchTM you are in effect telling PayPal not to bother to ask the person using the device you activate it to authenticate themselves before they should be allowed to make payment for a purchase. Thus if you are not the only one to use that device, then you are in effect allowing the other person the access to use your PayPal account to make payment when they do want to make a purchase online without your permission.

But if you are the only one using the device then I will recommend that you use the PayPal's One TouchTM service, since you will no longer be required to provide your login details every time you want to make payment for your online purchase.

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