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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Is There A Limit To The Amount Of Friends One Can Have In Facebook?

I have over 2,000 friend on Facebook now, and I can still add people as friends and also accept their request to become my friend in Facebook, you might say. And yes I doubt you not if this is your claim, in fact, I know of someone who has over 3,000 friends already in Facebook and that person can still add people as friends or accept people's requests to be his friend. But that is because you or that person I know has not yet reach the limit to the amount of friend Facebook is allowing each of their users to have.

So what is the limit you may ask. Five Thousand (5,000). This the the maximum amount of friend you can have in Facebook. This limit seems unrealistic, you might thought to yourself. But does it?

How can someone know up to 5,000 people personally who are also in Facebook? Well, you do not have to know them, they know you.
Take for example, a school teacher is more likely to have teach more that 5,000 students who at a later time will create an account with Facebook. When that happens, and if the teach is considered to be a good teacher, all those student of his, many of which he does not know personally, will want to become his friend of Facebook, so that teacher can adversely be affected by the limit with Facebook has placed with regard to the amount of friends each of their users can have.
If a teacher can be affected by this limitation in Facebook, how much more of a celebrate who has not yet started a Facebook Fan Page?

So the 5,000 limit of friends which Facebook place can be reached, and this also attest to the fact that There is a limit to the amount of friends one can have in Facebook.

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