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Sunday, January 22, 2017

Is Affiliated Marketing Still A Good Way To Earn Money As A Blogger?

To me I will say Yes. Affiliate marketing was and is still a good way to earn money as a blogger.
Yes, I know, using advertising networks to monetize you blog rocks, I am not against that, but if you blog about a niche which have an e-commerce store that offers an affiliate program, then I will advice that that you give going into affiliate marketing a really serious thought.

So are you a fashion blogger, a tech blogger, a construction blogger, or even a recipe blogger, affiliate marketing will be a very good source of income for you. Consider this.

It is true that when you use a advertising network such as Google AdSense to monetize your blog, you get paid even if a user who clicked on the ad did not make a purchase, but what about if the user does make a purchase, you will have earned more than 10 time what you earn from the advertising network will pay you supposing you use an affiliate link instead, because some e-commerce site for you niche might be offering up to 10% commission on the price of the product.

So let us say, you in your blog post you included an affiliate link to a product worth $100, and the e-commerce site offer a 5% commission for that product. It then means that if one person buys the product using your affiliate like, you will be receiving $5 as you commission.
You say it is low? If you do, tell me this, how many people need to click on a ad from an adverting network before you will be paid $5?
10? 20? or may 30? it will be more!!!

Now tell me, 30 people clicking on an ad because they were "truly interested" in what was displayed in the ad, what is the probability that not more that 3 people will place an order for that product? Very few right?
Yes it is, and for good reasons.

Do not get me wrong.
I am not saying that you should abandon the advertising network you are using to monetize you blog and now stick with affiliate marketing. If you do, that will not be wise on your part.

Rather, what am trying to say is that you should not push aside the concept of affiliate marketing aside completely in a hurry. Combine them and use both affiliate marketing and advertising network to monetize your blog. It will create a double flow of income for you, and you will find that it is rewarding.

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