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Saturday, January 21, 2017

I Do Not Encourage Fitspiration - Here Is The Reason

First let me start by explaining what fitspiration is. Fitspiration is the acronym for 'Fitness Inspiration.' Thus it is any word that is said with the intention to inspire someone to exercise.

"That does not sound as bad to me" you may say. And yes, encouraging someone to do exercise is not bad at all, and thus I am not against it.
"But you said you do not encourage fitspiration earlier" you may think. Yes I did say that, and here is my reason.

The fact is, I am not against inspiring someone into exercise, but I am against the way the people who engage in fitspiration go about it. Consider these quotes from them:
  • DON'T QUIT. You are already in pain, you are already hurt. Get are result from it.
  • The Harder you work, the Better the Gain
  • Someone who is Busier than you is running right now.
  • Be Proud. Don't give up, just work for it. e.t.c.
The lists are endless.

Are this bad? You might not think so. But I think they do. This is because of the message they promote.

This fitspirational quotes can and will make people dissatisfy with their body. And thus when they decide to work it out, they will push themselves pass the limit in a bid to get a supper fit physique, just as the once in those fitspirational quotes.

Remember, being skinny or having six-pack abs is not a sign that you are fit. And that is exertlly the message from fitspiration is sending. And because of this message, people will be persuaded to exercise vigorously, and thus miss the purpose of exercise, which is keeping fit.

Since they are going past their limit, they will quickly feel hopeless, depress and more because their power seems to be quickly sapped after a little vigorous exercise. And when you start hating your body because you did not have the strength to engage in a workout which the reason is because the previous one sapped it all, how can you have a healthy relationship with exercise?

My point is this.
Most Fitspiration promote exercise because they want you to accept an unrealistic body physique. Rather, you should exercise, not because you want to change your body image, but because you want to keep fit.

What do you think?...

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