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Sunday, January 29, 2017

How To Know If Your Website Is Truly Hosted On A Dedicated Server

Many web hosting service providers offer their users who are interested and who have to money to choose to host their website or any online application on a dedicated server, that is server that is not shared with any other customer of the web hosting service provider.

The advantage of using a dedicated server to host your website or web application is enormous, so I am not going to outline them now. But if you are using a dedicated server, did your web hosting service provider really host your website on a server dedicated to only your website? This is the question I will like to address with this post.

The the only recommend way to know the truth is not to write to the support team of the web host asking if really they host your website on a dedicated server, what you need is to go check the Whois record of you website and they will tell you the truth.

Whois domain lookup also referred to as Whois Domain Tool, is a service that keep record of all registered website, their server IP, their owners and much more. So they can help you know if truly your website is hosted on a dedicated server or not. All you need do is:
  1. Visit their website which is
  2. Type in your website domain name, that is your website URL into the Whois Lookup box, and click on the Search button.
  3. When done, they will take you to the record page of your website. And in the IP Address section, you will able to see the IP address of your web host, and also how many other site are hosted on that same server.
 If it is more that one or more the the website you have hosted on that server, then you should know that you web host is cheating you, and thus you are use this information to sue them.
But note that if you want to go this far as to suing the web host, you should first register with Whois Domain Tools so that you can get to know actually which site is hosted on the server, because if you are not their member, then you will only show you the numbers and not the names of the website.

That is how to know if your website is truly hosted on a dedicated server and if not how many website are hosted in it.

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