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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Fix "Fail To Send" Notification Stick to My Phone's Notification Bar | Google Plus

I understand that feeling, because I too, am not that type of a person that like leaving icons in my Android phone's notification bar, so when the Fail to send notification from my Google plus app appeared and there is not option to clear this notification I was irritated.

But the fact is, the Fail to send  notification that appears and stick to your notification bar is because, the notification will not appear in the Google+ notification section either in the mobile app or in the web, but Google do not want you to loose that post and thus forcing you to create another. Thus that notification stick to you phone's notification bar, so as to constantly remind you that you have a post pending that have not been posted, and thus need your attention.

So to get rid to this notification,
  1. You need to tap on the notification in the notification bar of your phone.
  2. Then when you Google+ app open to the place where all list of posts which have failed to send is, tap on a post.
  3. Then choose either Retry or Delete, to try and re-send the post or delete the post from that list.
That is how to Fix  the Fail to Send notification that stick to your phone's notification bar.

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