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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Five Causes Of Bad Breath

As you may have know before now, if there are some negative things about you that others can put up with, Bad Breath will not be one of them. Because since nobody love the stink of dirt especially a spoilt food, in fact since they consider those things as dangerous to their health, they will most likely also consider your bad breath same. But, what can cause someone to have bad breath? Below, I have outlined five (5) different things that can cause it.

Five Causes of Bad Breath
  1. The number one cause of bad breath is, bad dental hygiene. That is not brushing regularly or wasting out food particles that are left in you teeth after you finish eating. These food particles that are in your mouth, does not smell fine at all when they get spoilt there. So to prevent this cause of bad breath which is Poor Dental Hygiene, you need to start practicing good Dental Hygiene.
  2. Another cause of bad breath are the diseases that affect the gum of you teeth, example of this disease is Gingivitis.
    Gum disease is another major cause of bad breath, and when you notice one, you consult your or a dentist as soon as possible, because this is not just a treat to you mouth breath but also to your teeth.
  3. The third cause of bad breath on this list is the Type Of Food You Eat. Cause someone be behaving drunk and you will not be able to smell it from the person's Mouth that the cause of his drunkenness is as a result of excess drinking of alcohol?
    Similarly, when you eat food that contain strong seasoning pungent, such as food that contain garlic, then you should not expect not to have bad breath at that moment, and if you do nothing to get your mouth rid of such pungent from the seasoning in the food by example shewing or licking mint after the food, that seasoning pungent in the food will stick to you mouth and you might not be able to get it out even after several brush.
    So when you notice that your bad breath is caused by the pungent of a seasoning in you food you eat, act quickly, take a mint or go brush with a toothpaste with mint flavor.
  4. Fourth cause is closing the mouth for too long.
    Have ever noticed that when you or someone yawn, people around will ask, 'why are you rendering bacterial homeless?'
    And the fact is, you are really doing that when you not only yawn but also when you are talking. So when you close you mouth for too long a time, the growth of bacterial will be emanate, and this will cause you mouth to smell when you open it.
    I am not saying that you should start keeping your mouth open all the time, neither am I saying that you should now become a talkative, what I am saying is that you should not Close Your Mouth For A Long Period Of Time.
  5. The fifth and final point I am outlining as the cause of bad breath is Stomach Upset. No much explanation on this point.

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