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Monday, January 30, 2017

Earn Extra Cash As An Affiliate Marketer | Adfly

I understand the struggle affiliate marketers go through. I really do because I am once and though still is an affiliate marketers, and I know how many product links I to share to as many forums and groups as I can before I can get someone that will make a purchase.

And I know, their are affiliate marketers who are genius in it. For they do not need much effort before they can get someone to make an order. But my purpose of writing this post is not to give you any technique on how to convince others to buy, but to tell you about a way that can get you money even if the person who is checking out the product do not end up buying it. This way is called Adfly.

Adfly is a link shortner just as, and the likes. But Adfly is different, because Adfly offer to pay you for sending people to a website using the link you shortened with them.
This does not mean that they are giving you free money for using their url shortening service, no, they are not. What Adfly does is that, if you shorten a link with the and share the Adfly shortened link, whenever someone click on the Adfly shortened link, Adfly will show the person an advert (ads) for 5 second before letting the person go to the website of the url that you shorten.
So Adfly is paying you for every ads shown to your audience.

This mean, No more long note aimed to make a person buy, no more being too concerned as to the price of the product, no more waiting for the return policy days for the products before you are certain of your commission, all you need to do is just to send in traffics and that is all.

But before you jump right away into creating an account with Adfly, there is something you need to know. Adfly is a CPM advertising network, this mean, they pay less. For example, on average, they pay $5 for every 10,000 views of their ads which is about $0.0005 for every views of their ads. But that is just it, it is the average earning, you can earn more than that depending on the country of residence of the visitor you are sending.

This may sound too low, but to me, I consider it as a way to earn extra cash, remember, it is not taking over your affiliate business, it just a way to reward you for sending people to a website through their shortened links. And thus is a sure way to earn from every visitor that you got.

Click >>> HERE <<< to checkout their offer before you decide if it will be worthy your while or not, and I know it will, because I too am using it.

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