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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Do You Know What A Channel Management or Channel Manager Is?

The term Channel Management or Channel Manager is mostly used in connection with hotel management strategies. It is a piece of software which the owner or the management of an hotel uses to effortlessly connect their hotel's available accommodation whit different hotel booking websites.

This means that, if you see a particular hotel accommodation in separate website, the management of the hotel did not create separate account with those hotel booking website and start managing them separately.
This is done using a Channel Management also known as Channel Manager software.

Because the software will enable the hotel management or owner to post such availability of their accommodation to as many hotel booking website as possible.
The software (Channel Manager) will also instantly update rates, calendar and often the content (that is the description of the accommodation) all the hotel booking website it is connected to.

This software is very useful because it will be saving the property (hotel) manager a lot of time, reducing the risk of manual mistakes and also increasing the number of bookings since the accommodation listing will be uploaded to multiple hotel booking website at the same time.

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