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Thursday, January 26, 2017

Delete Any PDF File That You Download Which It's Filename End With .exe

Yes you heard me right. Whenever you download a PDF file, before you open it, especially if you download from a source that is not well known, please check the filename and if the filename ends with .exe instead of .pdf please, delete it, because that file contains a virus.

Yes, you heard it right, any PDF file that you download that it's filename ends with .exe is a virus. The creature disguise the virus as the PDF file that is why the filename of that PDF file ends with .exe.

Any file that ends with .exe is an executable file that can change the and affect the operations of your machine, so the programmer of the virus made it in such a way that when you are busy reading the content of the PDF file, the virus will be busy doing it's work.

Do you remember the popular say which says, "beware of false prophets who comes in sheep clothing but are ravenous wolf inside" that is exactly a PDF with .exe file extension is, it seems to contain the e-book you need, but inside is a piece of virus that is ready to run at soon as you open the file.

And this type of virus is so hard to detect by antivirus program because you opened it that is, you launched the virus by yourself, so you are in effect giving it an administrative right to run, so the antivirus will not bother to scan it since you were the one who permit it to run and not that it is running automatically.

My main point is this, the filename of a True PDF file ends with .pdf so any file that claims to be a PDF file but the filename does not end with .pdf rather it ends with .exe or any other extension, then Do Not Open It.
It Is A Virus In Disguise.

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